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    XCP-1A Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester



          The XCP-1A Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester adopting the digital technology is the latest developed high precision testing apparatus. It uses the image processing method to automatically count the number of crimps of the fiber. In addition, it automatically measures the indices such as the crimp ratio and crimp elastic recovery percentage. The length precision is 0.01 mm.

       Technical Data

    (a) Force measurement range:  02000 (10-3cN)

    (b) Force precision:  0.1 (10-3cN)

    (c) Force error:    ≤±1%

    (d) Gauge between the upper and the lower clamp:   20 mm

    (e) Lower clamp moving range:  40 mm

    (f) Length precision: 0.01mm

    (g) Time set:    Auto

    (h) Count the number of crimps:     Auto

    (i) Length of the fiber within which the number of crimps is counted: 25mm

    (j) Power:    220V±10%

    (k) Size:    510×340×420 mm

    (l) Weight:   20kg

      Method of Operation

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